«VEDA» — a symbol of pet care.

«VEDA» Products — natural components, consistent quality and new ideas..

Customers «VEDA» Products — loving owners, attentive to the health of their animals.


«VEDA» supports the pets health, helping them live long.

«VEDA» changes the standards of pet keeping to a new level of life.

«VEDA» saves the owner from unnecessary worries and expenses.


Be natural — 

Be effective — all phytoproducts should have a distinct effect, objectively verifiable.

Be safe — all products must be tested for safety in accordance with modern principles and methods of assessment and must not adverse side effects on the body.

Seek quality — guaranteed by careful observance of technological regimes in the production and quality control of the final product approved by normative parameters.

Be affordable — all phytoproducts should be as affordable for all consumers as they are user-friendly.