VEDA at the main exhibition of the year - PARKZOO 2019

veda na parkzoo-2019

Every year, the main exhibition of the zoo industry of our country “PARKZOO” is expanding and gaining momentum. At this exhibition, our company exhibited at a completely new booth, where it presented its traditional products and a number of new ones. veda na parkzoo-2019

This year the focus of attention was the new “FITOPASTA for fur removal”. By the time of the exhibition, positive feedback about the product from our customers had already been received, since the paste has been on sale for several months. The main confirmed result is that the paste works. veda na parkzoo-2019

Booth visitors showed great interest towards a new line of products - equipment for dog rehabilitation. These are harnesses that are designed to help animals during the rehabilitation period after surgery, as well as for elderly and weakened animals. Different models and a wide range of sizes makes it possible to choose a harness for any specific case. veda na parkzoo-2019veda na parkzoo-2019

Visitors also noted that special-purpose products are in high demand, but difficult to access. Thanks to all visitors of the VEDA booth for their kind words, suggestions and wishes, and see you at future exhibitions! veda na parkzoo-2019