On September 27-29, 2018, the Sochi Veterinary Festival was held in the friendly and sunny city of Sochi. Every year, VEDA participates in this wonderful event, displaying its traditional and new products.

This year, at the festival in Sochi, VEDA surprised everyone by presenting a new direction of its partner VEDA-MODA LLC - products for rehabilitation of sick and weak animals. These products include three types of harness/support items for dogs, a drag bag for paralyzed pets, a fixation harness (for fixing an animal during medical manipulations), an orthopedic bed (unique of its kind!), a post-surgical protective vest, and comfortable shoes.

Veterinarians had keen interest in this area and highly appreciated the quality of the presented products and the convenience of use for both animals and owners. Although the fixation harness and orthopedic beds and shoes received the most overall attention, the harness/support items and safety vests procured significant interest of veterinary surgical specialists and volunteers.