In December 2017 VEDA released yet another new product «Universal contact gel». This tool is designed specifically for ultrasound scanning and performing electrocardiograms for animals and is unique in its kind.

Applied in veterinary medicine for the following:

  1. To prepare the area for ultrasound and ECG examination - as a gel before and after shaving an animal;
  2. As a contact medium for ultrasound of all kinds and ECG of cats, dogs and other animals;
  3. As an independent means of skin care: treatment of skin areas with minor damage - small cuts, scratches, cracks.

Distinguishing characteristics:

Because it contains the extract of chamomile, D-panthenol and allantoin, the «Universal contact gel» has anti-inflammatory and regenerating properties. The use of gel prevents the development of inflammation of the skin after shaving the animal in preparation for the examination. This feature of the gel is highly appreciated by veterinarians in the diagnosis of patients with sensitive skin prone to irritation.

More details can found here.

Packaging: 250 ml, 5000 ml. A pump dispenser for a 5 liter canister can be supplied.

Shelf life: 2 years.