The VII International Exhibition of Pet Industry ParkZoo was successfully held September 20 through September 22. More than 200 participants from many countries of the world presented their products at the stands in four pavilions of the Sokolniki Culture Center - yes, this year the exhibition has grown noticeably!

At VEDA's stand representatives of the company's management and commercial department, marketers and veterinarians worked enthusiastically three days in a row. Visitors were presented with new items of the year and our traditional products in the new packaging design.

Novelty #1 - a line of feed additives PHYTODIET:


Guests of the stand were able to find out how these products differ from the famous «namesake» products KOTERVIN® and KOT BAYUN®.

Also they showed a completely new product - ultrasound gel. The gel proved itself well in business as in his direct functional as a contact gel, and as a means of healing and soothing irritation on shaved areas of the skin prepared for ultrasound examination.

Three brand new cosmetic series has been featured for thr first time!

  1. The well known pet shampoos «Pushistik», «Peggy», «Filya», «Stepashka» and «Piggy» met their 10th anniversary in a new package with a bright label and new names. Now this is a series of shampoos «VITAMIN» for dogs and cats, decorative rodents and rabbits. Following them the famous «BASHMACHOK» product got an upgrade too.
  2. Phytoshampoo balms also acquired a new look: a 250ml bottle, a flip top cap and a modern juicy label design had all the visitors' interests for quite a time. The updated series start with 4 positions: restorational, fur shedding, jypoallergenic, deodorizing. The last two made their premier in the series!
  3. The economy series - shampoos «Noble» for dogs and cats are now also in new package: a bottle of 220ml with a disc top cap and a label in a pleasant green color.

Within the framework of the presentation program, visitors were consulted, all guests of the stand received in-depth answers to their questions about the products and activities of VEDA. We also held business negotiations with potential partners and time-tested friends of the company - we value our cooperation with you.

Thank you to all guests of the exhibition who visited our stand!