Traditionally, at the end of April "Izmailovo" Hotel Complex unites veterinarians from all spheres in an essential event in the professional environment of veterinary specialists - MVC-2017. The Moscow International Veterinary Congress gathers nearly 3000 participants annually.

With the main goal of improving and enhancing the skills and experience of practicing veterinarians, many of the world's best lecturers read lectures in various specialized sections, touching on the most relevant topics in animal treatment at the congress.

Our company participated in an exhibition held in the framework of MVC. Our representatives once again witnessed proof of the ever-loyal attitude of veterinarians to VEDA products. It was nice to hear their good feedback and wishes for further development.

Congratulations to all veterinarians of our country on the International Veterinarian Day, which is celebrated on the last Saturday of April! Doctors who treat animals and birds, of course, won't be able to hear the words of gratitude from their tailed patients, but, without doubt, all owners of recovered pets are very grateful to their rescuers.

Thanks to all the veterinarians who sincerely love animals and their profession!