Today, January 13, VEDA turns 20 years old! For a company this is a fairly solid age, when the years of formation are over along with the search for one's place in a growing and dynamically changing zoo market, the development of partnership relations, often turning into friendly ones. And the main thing in 20 years is acheiving the consumers' trust with our products - pet products under the VEDA brand.

During this time we have gained invaluable experience, created a wide dealer network, earned the reputation of a reliable company and found partners in all corners of our country and beyond. We cherish and appreciate each of our customers. Our cooperation is the key to success and prosperity. Thank you for the support and dedication of our company!

Today "VEDA" has taken a significant position at the zoo market and is trying to keep it, which in modern conditions is not the simplest task. We must constantly strive for growth and development, be effective in a saturated and highly competitive market , with a demanding consumer, be able to find non-standard ways and solutions. But our company is focused on success and achievement of results: "V" IN"VEDA" STANDS FOR VICTORY!