VEDA Company traditionally took part in the XI Sochi Veterinary Festival. This year's festival program has been particularly rich and gathered more than 880 representatives of one of the most humane professions - veterinary surgeons in all directions. The audience listened to lectures from well-known domestic and foreign lecturers, the best experts in different areas of veterinary medicine. The number of speakers this year was more than double totaling 16 comparing last year's 7.

A lot of seminars were dedicated to treatment and care of small pets. Anesthesiology even organized it's own round table. Also numerous master classes were held within the framework of the exhibition on themes such as veterinary management, aquarium husbandry, surgery.

The competition results were announced in the following topics: the traditional "Case History" photo contest "Stop a moment," and others. Along with lectures, seminars and "round tables", guests and participants had the opportunity to visit the exhibition in the field of veterinary drugs, medicines, cosmetics animal care, veterinary medical equipment, and so on.

VEDA's products were presented at a booth next door to the lecture halls. Many give-aways were played during the exhibition and most of our visitors received memorable exhibitors there have been many jokes, and guests VEDA stand received prizes and souvenirs.