Veda company enjoyed participating in the IV International Exhibition of Pet Industry "ParkZoo" held annually in Moscow, at the Sokolniki Congress and Exhibition Center. This exhibition is expanding year by year and already has a huge and growing number of participants. The exhibition is an excellent place for professionals from around the world to share thoughts, present new products and be a part of the business forum which includes the SPZ Forum, Autumn Veterinarian Conference, grooming festival and a variety of lectures and talks.

For the whole three days our VEDA stand was packed with curious visitors, business partners, retail distributors, veterinarians, breeders, groomers and other pet-interested people. Our staff was lucky to carry out numerous important meetings.

The main focus of attention at our stand went out to the series of professional cosmetics for cats and dogs “GROOMER professional”. Well timed with the grooming festival taking place at the same time. Each groomer that visited our stand received a “GROOMER professional” shampoo. After they tried their sample they were glad to come back and share some feedback about our product. It was very gratifying to receive absolutely the best feedback from each of our visitors. The “Shampoo-concetrate for deep cleansing” was especially well acclaimed. Judging by the responses of the groomers that tested it, this shampoo is ideal for bathing and is in line with the alleged properties.

From the amount of satisfied returned customers that came to visit our stand we marked that people are very loyal to our VEDA products and that our products became very well known, are well appraised and are claiming it's niche in the pet industry market. Our stand was full of complete information on all of our products including: Kot Ervin ,  Kot Bayun,  Phytoelite series cosmetics and medicines, “Phytomis” functional pet food, “BioRythm” vitamin-mineralized complex, our antiparasitic products “Avanpost”.  Numerous visitors of our stand and, of course, our favorite partners were presented with original souvenirs from the company.

We send thanks to everyone at the exhibition and will be glad to see everyone at the next event “Equiros” on the 27-30 October at the same place in “Sokolniki”.