VEDA IX Sochi Veterinary Festival

VEDA took part in the IX Sochi Veterinary Festival, which took place on 11-13 September 2014 in Sochi sanatorium «South Seaside». This festival takes place every year and is one of the major veterinary events in our country.

The educational program at the Sochi Veterinary Festival held lectures by leading experts. The organizing committee had prepared interesting news and entertainment events, guests of the festival had the opportunity to meet and have some informal communication.

VEDA presented the entire range of products, and their new products of 2014. Particular interest was showed towards their new treats series called synbiotics ACTI-DOG and ACTI-CAT

Participation in the festival gave the opportunity for «VEDA's» employees to communicate with veterinary experts from many regions, talk about the uniqueness of herbal medicinal products that VEDA produces, get valuable advice and feedback on various products, and identify the main areas for further cooperation.