shampuni zoovip improved formula

VEDA presents the updated series of hygienic products designed to take care of the hair of horses «ЗООVIP improved formula»:

New active ingredients have been added to the shampoo's compound*:

  • Keratin — a natural protein that forms %80 of the structure of human hair and the coat of animals. Keratin is obtained from sheep wool and is used in soluble form— keratin hydrolyzate, which penetrates the core of the hair shaft, strengthens and improves its structure, restoring damaged areas.
  • Coniferous chlorophyll-carotene paste — a phytoncidal multivitamin complex that possesses beneficial properties for the hair and fur due to the presence of chlorophyll, phytosterols, volatile.
  • Decoctions of herbs (chamomile, nettle, burdock) — the useful properties of theses infusions are caused by the content of many useful substances, minerals, essential oils and vitamins. They contribute to the strengthening of hair growth, strengthens the roots, improve the overall appearance.
  • Milk whey — due to the content of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, promotes hair growth, strengthens and makes them shiny and elastic.

* While developing the new formulas we took into account all the suggestions and reviews of our regular users.

zoovip uf shampoo bylo en

The updated ЗООVIP series shampoos are presented in a new package design:
  • accurate and neat design in accordance with the brand style;
  • the «silver horse» steps out as an element of continuity;
  • a new updated modern ЗООVIP logo design;
  • focus on the umbrella brand logo — VEDA;
  • a mark «improved formula».

Additional detailed information about the ЗООVIP «improved formula» trademark products can be found in the presentation.