VEDA is proud to present the updated «ЗООVIP improved formula» series in full force:

The high performance of the creams and gels of the ЗООVIP series is proven by a decade of production and is determined by a unique combination of components — bioactive substances of natural origin, united on the basis of synergetic actions (mutually reinforcing properties).

The contemporary updated «ЗООVIP improved formula» series provide even more effective action*:

  • the formula has been updated with new active biological ingredients and an innovative calefacient complex;
  • due to the new technological process of micronization (shrinking of the particle's volume) the active substance are more potent than ever;
  • active components are grouped into complexes possessing directional effect, which facilitates the targeted delivery of nutrients to the problematic tissues.

*While developing the new formulas we took into account all the suggestions and reviews of our regular users.

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All of the products from the updated ЗООVIP series are presented in a new package design:

  • accurate and neat design in accordance with the brand style;
  • the «silver horse» steps out as an element of continuity;
  • a new updated modern ЗООVIP logo design;
  • focus on the umbrella brand logo — «VEDA»;
  • a mark «improved formula»;
  • white caps (sport caps) on all of the products.

ЗООVIP creams and gels*:

  • promotes restoration, preservation and improvement of the working abilities of horses;
  • is instrumental in an active way of life at all ages;
  • brings instant relief when treating the problematic areas;
  • reduce the risk of complications and exacerbations problems under adverse conditions;
  • protects the tissues under considerable strain.

*These products are not medicinal drugs.

Additional detailed information about the ЗООVIP «improved formula» trademark products can be found in the presentation