Elena Veniaminovna Zinchenko

In 1977 graduated the Faculty of Biology, at the Moscow State University after which she was invited to the biggest at the time of the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Microbiology in Obolensk.

After working there for 20 years and having accumulated the necessary research material, brilliantly defended her thesis and then a doctorate. In the mid-90s left the institute and took an active part in the development of scientific and industrial laboratory of «VEDA».

To date E.V. Zinchenko created 138  scientific publications and 3 patents for manufacture in the field of veterinary medicine.

E.V.  Zinchenko was a pioneer in construction of complex probiotic preparations for the treatment of animals. In 2000, together with A.N. Panin, academician of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, she published a monograph "Immuno-biotiks in veterinary practice," and in 2002 co-authored with A. Liping and A.V. Sanin the release of two reference books on traditional and non-traditional methods of treatment of cats and dogs. Elena Veniaminovna guided the production of 20 more types of medicinal and zoohygenic products. 

We all come from childhood

My childhood was the smell of grass and trees, a big yard and a sense of happiness. Those who surround you become your friends: classmates, neighbors and the pets you see every day. I remember the neighbors piglets squeezing their snouts through the fence holes to salute me passing by. I even remember when they all became my friends. The day I left them I was feeling despair and helplessness.  The owner of the piggies, my neighbor, told me that they have fallen sick and died. And that is when I decided to become a scientist and find the treatment that can keep our beloved pets and animals safe from any decease.

Today I am a biologist and I know that a lot of hard work, vast knowledge and determination is needed to produce medicine. Through the years I have experienced many sensations, sleepless nights, scientific articles, and work. Every day is devoted to finding the best and safest solutions to the problems of animals health. Not to say that is the topic of my doctoral dissertation. But the main result of my research - the company VEDA, which manufactures products to improve the quality of life of animals.

Of course I couldn't have done it alone – a team of outstanding professionals helped me. We all put a lot of energy and thought in our products. We use only natural raw materials and the most advanced technology of processing, and the safety of our products is on first place for us. This way we create products for optimal care and a balanced diet. I am proud that these products are known under the brand name «VEDA» which translates to «wisdom» and that each day we help someone make another step to a healthy life.

«BOSS» magazine interview E.V. Zinchenko