Vladimir Borisovich Zinchenko

Born on the 31st of October 1955 in Ermolino of Borovskiy Region in the Kalujaskaya Oblast. In 1978 graduated Moscow's Institute of Chemical Engineering with a major in “mechanical engineer in chemical industries."

From 1978 to 1996 he worked in the Institute of Applied Microbiology in the village Obolensk of Moscow's region, starting as a technician and further developed to senior researcher.

Since the establishment of LLC «VEDA» in 1997 and up until now he is the director of the company. PhD in Technical Sciences.

Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Social Sciences. Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Moscow Region.

Hobbies: traveling, fishing, hunting, billiard.

«VEDA» formed as a company at the early rise of the pet-market which happened just after the crisis period of the 90's. Partnering with “Mikro-Plus” and with the support of Gamal's Research Institute and a Finnish biotechnological corporation we developed our first product Fosprenik. Thus «VEDA» was to set the standards of development of high quality pharmaceutical treatments to be provided in Russia and abroad. Aiming for setting up the highest possible quality and using all of the technological and marketing resources «VEDA» successfully showed itself as a company capable of providing European quality.

We opted for the ecological niche and started research work in the direction of herbal medicine for animals. At the time the direction was at the young stage of development that required a conceptual approach to all stages of testing. Including the question on how to determine the status of Phyto-products and the development of the conceptual apparatus in this area.

Now I can definitely say that the company's choice of direction was and is the only correct one. It is the production of innovative products of decent quality, having global competitiveness that is the only way to survive in the modern world of the pet-market.

Gradually people wean from a purely consumer attitude towards animals, treating them as a toy, and start treating them like family members, strongly caring for their health and comfort. This generates the correct paradigm of pet keeping, determines the demand for new products for animals and gives the impulse for the further development of «VEDA». Many of our products were exactly the response to market needs.

We at «VEDA» see all of our developing and existing products through the lens of a helper not a harmer. That goes the same with the qualities of the products which we are aimed to deliver which provide expected assistance, are safe – we produce only harmless products, affordability – available for each customer everywhere and ecological – eco-freindly and green production. I think this is why the "Veda" brand products are so popular. And recently it became clear that our probiotic and phytoproducts are counterfeited by unscrupulous businessmen, and the quality of the fakes is far from original. Now that is just another quiz for «VEDA» to solve by paying extra attention to the protection of our products, and therefore protecting the deserved reputation of a conscientious producer.