Elena Veniaminovna Zinchenko

In 1977 graduated the Faculty of Biology, at the Moscow State University after which she was invited to the biggest at the time of the Scientific Research Institute of Applied Microbiology in Obolensk.

After working there for 20 years and having accumulated the necessary research material, brilliantly defended her thesis and then a doctorate. In the mid-90s left the institute and took an active part in the development of scientific and industrial laboratory of «VEDA».

To date E.V. Zinchenko created 138  scientific publications and 3 patents for manufacture in the field of veterinary medicine.

Vladimir Borisovich Zinchenko

Born on the 31st of October 1955 in Ermolino of Borovskiy Region in the Kalujaskaya Oblast. In 1978 graduated Moscow's Institute of Chemical Engineering with a major in “mechanical engineer in chemical industries."

From 1978 to 1996 he worked in the Institute of Applied Microbiology in the village Obolensk of Moscow's region, starting as a technician and further developed to senior researcher.

Since the establishment of LLC «VEDA» in 1997 and up until now he is the director of the company. PhD in Technical Sciences.

Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Social Sciences. Honored Worker of Science and Technology, Moscow Region.