The company «VEDA» was founded in 1997 and today is one of the leading companies in the pet products market. We develop and manufacture products for the treatment and prevention of diseases of domestic animals, as well as products for hygiene care.

The set up of all of our products  mostly consists of natural ingredients as active substances - medicinal plants and substances of organic origin.


The main activity of the company lies in the production of the following products under the VEDA brand name:

  • herbal medicines for animals,
  • phytomineral and functional food,
  • tasty and healthy treats for animals,
  • insectoacaricidal aids,
  • zoo hygienic and zoo cosmetic products,
  • as well as textile products for animals under the brand name «VEDA-FASHION»: clothes, shoes, beds, toys, carriers, blankets, saddle cloths, various self-developed patented products and other accessories.

Our products are well known in the market and have been highly graded not only in Russia but in many countries including Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey and many others.

«Kotervin», «Kot Bayun», «Phytomins», «Bioritm», «Phytoelite», healthy treats, «ZООVIP» horse series – are just a few unique one of a kind products that have no equals in Russia nor in the international market.

Throughout years of existence «VEDA» has developed hundreds of products intended for the care, treatment and prevention of animal decease and keeps adding new products to the line yearly. 


Our ideas progress through development supported by our knowledge of the needs of the users of our products. We find the most effective and safe ways of solving problems related to the treatment of animals and caring for them.

The Phyto-formulation that we use in our products was received as a result of fundamental and applied researches and is based exclusively on natural organic ingredients. The most important indicator of scientific achievements is the development of unified standards for all phytoproducts for animals.


Today VEDA is more than 5,000 sq.m. Of manufacturing and maintenance compounds facilities, equipped with modern equipment for the production of an extensive range of pet products.

The company's staff consists of doctors of science, PHD's and qualified and professional biologists, engineers, and chemists. Intelligent innovations live within the company's staff and grants potential to successfully lead the company to prosper all industries.

A strong base allows us to carry out the production of medicines, perfumes and cosmetics in all shapes and sizes upon request of other companies - this way we are always ready to cooperate in the means of contract manufacturing.


All of our products pass the full production cycle and are packed here, at the facility. The quality control department begins by checking the purchased raw materials and ends with a control research of each released series, covering all phases of the production process. This is the only way «VEDA» is sure to meet the highest quality standards. We aim for our  products to not only effectively solve any problem, but also to be very comfortable to use, have a comfortable and attractive packaging, accompanied by exhaustive information.

LLC «VEDA» complies to the quality management system conforming to international standard ISO 9001-2008 and internal ISO 9001-2008. "VEDA" company aims to improve the standards of animal welfare and improve their quality of life.


VEDA's quality labeling – the five leaf paw-mark is a symbol of conformity to the five priorities of the company:


"VEDA" company aims to improve the standards of animal welfare and improve their quality of life. Products under the VEDA brand name are designed to strengthen pet's health, extend their fulfilling life, and to save the owner from unnecessary worries and costs.