«VEDA-MODA's» Portfolio


«VEDA-MODA» Studio for pets and their keepers is one of the many directions VEDA is exploring. We create bespoke clothing, footwear and accessories for animals. We will construct clothing for pets based on breed characteristics of individual measures, find the necessary materials and furnishing, sew it and deliver. We do not manufacture en masse, each customer is treated individually with a special creative approach to each order.

Clothes for dogs

Clothing for animals not only protects animals from cold and dirt. It greatly facilitates the life of their masters. You won't have spend copious amounts of time cleaning your car from fur if the pet is dressed. After a walk it is easier to wash the overalls than to wash, and then dry the dog. Our animals have become family members and with that it becomes common to dress them up for holidays and special events. And what an aesthetic pleasure do their masters get!

We will dress the dog to your liking. In our arsenal of clothes for dogs we have warm clothes, summer clothes, overalls, jackets, suits, dresses and much more.

And if you like to sew, we will make the basis of the pattern of overalls according to your dog's standards, and you yourself can create fashionable clothes for your pet!


Footwear for dogs

Footwear for dogs isn't just a trend or whim – it's a necessity. The modern city is an aggressive and insecure habitat for animals. The usual walk is a real test for the dog's paws. How to protect the dog's paws during a walk? Shoes for dogs - protection of paws from reagents, dirt, cuts. Dog Shoe Sizes



Pet carriers, beds for dogs and cats, harnesses, bandanas, muzzles made of waterproof polymer material, toys for cats and other pleasant little things make our life and the life of our pets more comfortable and more fun.


For horses

Horses are tender animals which require protection from cold and other environmental hazards. Horses work hard and need a sufficient amount of care and comfort. We design original saddle clothes for horses based on your measures and sketches. We also produce pockets for stalls, riding pants and breeches and other utilities.