Traditionally, at the end of April "Izmailovo" Hotel Complex unites veterinarians from all spheres in an essential event in the professional environment of veterinary specialists - MVC-2017. The Moscow International Veterinary Congress gathers nearly 3000 participants annually.

"VEDA" has been a partner of the All-Russian Public Organization "League of Health of the Nation" for many years and a sponsor of the events that the "League of Health of the Nation" conducts under the leadership of the academician Leo Antonovich Bokeria and with his personal participation. The activities of this organization are devoted to the topic of health, they discuss the most important problems in the field of health, improvement of the demographic situation, popularize a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, prevent alcoholism, drug abuse and tobacco smoking.

Today, January 13, "VEDA" turns 20 years old! For a company this is a fairly solid age, when the years of formation are over along with the search for one's place in a growing and dynamically changing zoo market, the development of partnership relations, often turning into friendly ones. And the main thing in 20 years is acheiving the consumers' trust with our products - pet products under the VEDA brand.

In late October, the VEDA company participated in one of the biggest events of the equestrian world in our country - Equiros 2016. From year to year Equiros gathers under its roof professionals from the equestrian sphere, breeders and regular horse lovers. In addition to the thematic seminars, workshops and presentations, the exhibition featured: a charity fashion show of clothes and accessories for riders, colorful performances, broods of thoroughbred horses.